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Water Trail Facts


The National Water Trails System, established in 2012, is a national network of water trails cooperatively supported and sustained for the public to explore and enjoy. Designated water trails incorporate recreation opportunities, education about the value of the resource, conservation, community support, public information, trail maintenance and planning.

What is a National Water Trail

How Many National Water Trails Are There

There are 16 within the National Water Trails System. Black Canyon Water Trail is the first water trail in the Southwest and the only water trail that traverses through a desert.

How Many

Black Canyon Water Trail

The Black Canyon Water Trail is located within Lake Mead National Recreation Area, a unit of the National Park System. The trip begins, as the river flows, at the base of Hoover Dam, one of the engineering marvels of the world and meanders through 30 miles of clear, cool, upper Lake Mohave where the steep canyons and current is reminiscent of the Colorado River before the dams were built.

This spectacular river setting provides unique paddling and rafting opportunities that are not matched in the southwestern United States. There are flowing hot springs in some of the side canyons and a great deal of history associated with the construction of and research connected to Hoover Dam including a sauna cave, gauging stations, catwalks, trails and historic foundations of early inhabitants.

Black Canyon
What is

Mohave Water Trail

The Mohave Water Trail stretches for 37 miles along the shorelines of Lake Mohave from Eldorado Canyon to Davis Dam; after taking-out at Davis Dam, the trail extends 2 miles south to the Laughlin/Bullhead City bridge. Mohave Water Trail, accessible from 16 launch sites, provides access to sandy beaches, coves, scenic vistas, and historic sites. There are lots of activities available along the way – boat, paddlecraft and houseboat rentals, guided tours, scuba diving, fishing, hiking and more! Overnight accommodations and restaurants are available at Cottonwood Cove, Katherine Landing, and at the nearby communities of Laughlin and Bullhead City. 

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