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How can I access the Mohave Water Trail?

There are 16 access points along the water trail in Nevada and Arizona including Six Mile Cove, Nevada Telephone Cove, and Katherine Landing. Click here for more information.

Which way does the river run?

The Colorado River flows through Hoover Dam from the bottom of Lake Mead. It flows south away from the dam towards Willow Beach into Lake Mohave and continues south through a system of dams to Mexico.

Are there rapids or whitewater?

Not usually. The river is classified as moving flatwater, however in the section of the trail between Eldorado Canyon and Davis Dam there can be strong headwinds in the summer and tailwinds in the winter reaching 25-35 mph. Winds can make waves and choppy conditions - stay close to the shoreline. On the section below Davis Dam, strong current exists. The water trail is recommended for more experienced paddlers with self-rescue skills​. ​Life ​jackets are mandatory for all ages. ​

There are a number of outfitters that provide rentals, delivery, shuttles, and guided services. Willow Beach Marina has paddlecraft rentals available right on the water.

Where can I rent a kayak or canoe?

Mohave Water Trail FAQs

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