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Hoover Dam

GPS Location +36 00′ 58.26″, -114 44′ 13.62″ / Mile Marker 64

The road leading to the Hoover Dam launch site is in a security zone and access is limited to Bureau of Reclamation employees and their contractors. Therefore, if you have personal paddle craft that you want to take down the river, you must make arrangements and reservations with one of the authorized outfitters to transport your craft to the launch site. Most outfitters can also provide rental craft if desired. Launch fees are $17 per person (non-refundable) plus a $5 National Park Service entrance fee for adults age 16 and older. Additional shuttle service fees, which are required to launch at Hoover Dam, are determined by the individual outfitters.

Launch Times:  7am, 8am and 9am with a limit of 15 vessels per launch by permit only

Services: None

Restrictions:  Camping is not permitted within the Hoover Dam security zone

Launch Type:  Hand Carry 500 Feet

Willow Beach

GPS Location: +35 52′ 10.63″, -114 39′ 38.48″ / River Mile Marker 00

ADA Accessiblity: Public facilities are ADA accessible, but the launch ramp has an 8% slope and is not ADA accessible.

Launch Type: Launch Ramp

Parking: Paved parking is available

Launch Times:  Anytime

Services: Ranger station, campground and picnic area

Restrictions:  None

Placer Cove

GPS Location: + 35°42’18.65″, -114°42’27.14″ / River Mile Marker 00?

Launch Type: Hand carry 1/4 mile

Parking: Gravel, graded parking lot

Launch Times: Anytime

Services: None

Restrictions: None

ADA Access: No

Eldorado Canyon or El Dorado Canyon?

GPS Location: ? / River Mile Marker ?

Launch Type: 

Parking: Gravel, graded parking lot

Launch Times: Anytime

Services: None

Restrictions: None

ADA Access: No

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Black Canyon Launch Sites

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